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SCARBOROUGH FAIR is currently hosting a Flash Fiction and Poetry Contest open to all University of Toronto Students. The strongest pieces will be selected by a panel of judges and be published by Scarborough Fair.

The contest deadline is October 31st 2015 at 11:59 PM.     

CLICK HERE for complete submission details.


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Contest Winners '17

creative writing contest winners 2017


FIRST PLACE “Love Poem To A Stripper” by Téa Mutonji

SECOND PLACE “Lydia” by Ryanne Kap

HONOURABLE MENTION “To Think of Time” by Salman Qureshi


FIRST PLACE “Petrichor” by Ryanne Kap

SECOND PLACE “Magpie” by Serena Ng

HONOURABLE MENTION “Electric Sheep” by Trevon Smith


FIRST PLACE “Invisible Beasts” by Trevon Smith

SECOND PLACE “Pale Moonlight” by Téa Mutonji

HONOURABLE MENTION “Ramblings of a Skeptic” by Dustin Macandog


FIRST PLACE “A Painting of Waste” by Jaymie Flis

SECOND PLACE “Nostalgiac” by Ryanne Kap

THIRD PLACE “We like to write” by Vanessa Vmoorthy

HONOURABLE MENTION “Is The Poet Really Ready” by Katerina Konstantopoulos