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SCARBOROUGH FAIR is currently hosting a Flash Fiction and Poetry Contest open to all University of Toronto Students. The strongest pieces will be selected by a panel of judges and be published by Scarborough Fair.

The contest deadline is October 31st 2015 at 11:59 PM.     

CLICK HERE for complete submission details.


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FEATURED ARTIST: jermaine williams // 2017

Jermaine Williams is a Toronto photographer, studying New Media and Studio at the University of Toronto Scarborough. With a love for fashion and lifestyle portraits, what began in high school as taking new profile pictures for friends has now become a full blown creative outlet. Classically trained in Alfred Hitchcock films and a childhood he describes as involving, "far too much television" his preoccupation with themes, colours and style fuel his desire to make things look as good as possible.

Jermaine's New Media and Studio work have dealt with themes ranging from nostalgia to the not so distant future, consumerism, Toronto sculpture, and racial profiling. His aesthetic skills and focus on themes help him create works that are both powerful and pertinent. Scarborough Fair is proud to showcase Jermaine's work in Issue Forty Nine.

To see more of Jermaine's work, visit