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SCARBOROUGH FAIR is currently hosting a Flash Fiction and Poetry Contest open to all University of Toronto Students. The strongest pieces will be selected by a panel of judges and be published by Scarborough Fair.

The contest deadline is October 31st 2015 at 11:59 PM.     

CLICK HERE for complete submission details.


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by Nino Ricci

IN MY FIRST YEAR OF UNIVERSITY, eighteen years old and fresh from the farm but already firm in the belief that it was destiny to become a world famous novelist, I enrolled in a Creative Writing course being taught by a well-known Canadian writer. Three weeks into class, just after my first submission, I received a phone call from his secretary telling me the writer urgently wanted to see me in his office.  

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Introduction: 'On Failing'

by Kevin Connery

ONE OF THE AMAZING THINGS ABOUT BEING A STUDENT is that while, yes, we’re usually broke, and, yes, we’re mostly just half-formed semi-adults, we have something that most people hardly ever get. We have something which is rare, but which we have in absolute abundance. We have opportunity.

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S C A R B O R O U G H  F A I R  L A U N C H  2 0 1 5

by Trevor Cameron (with photos by Hailey Boccone)


“I'M TERRIFIED NO ONE WILL SHOW UP,” Kevin Connery, Editor-In-Chief of Scarborough Fair told me as we sat in heavy traffic on our way to the magazine’s launch party last Wednesday, February the 25th. Kevin had slightly underestimated Scarborough rush hour. So after an anxious hour sitting in traffic we arrived at UTSC with barely 30 minutes to set up.  I dropped him by the ARC, where he and Scarborough Fair editor, John Dias unloaded the car When I arrived at the Ralph Campbell Lounge, where the launch was being held, ten minutes later, I found Kevin and the other editors scurrying around the room artfully fanning magazines over tables, organizing the raffle, and checking the catered hors d’oeuvres.  It was immediately clear just how much work had gone into the event—my own contribution seeming to end at getting Kevin to the venue.  I spent what was left of our set-up time opening blinds and attempting (mostly unsuccessfully) to light candles and drop them into mason jars. 



An amazing example of experimental poetry pushes at the boundaries of form.

'The other I'

A series of photos by Tiffany Schofield and Dorcia Manuel