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SCARBOROUGH FAIR is currently hosting a Flash Fiction and Poetry Contest open to all University of Toronto Students. The strongest pieces will be selected by a panel of judges and be published by Scarborough Fair.

The contest deadline is October 31st 2015 at 11:59 PM.     

CLICK HERE for complete submission details.


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Kevin Connery

Winners wear medals on top of pyramids 

and look down at the losers,

though some say winners only look ahead of themselves,

always trying to find a way to achieve more,

never content to win once, starving to find crumbs of 

the essence of success only to consume it whole and move

on. I escaped from citizenship in order 

to speak out, grappling at the hope for freedom and free will.

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breaking up is a long process that starts at 7pm and never ends

Kevin Connery

Aaron Gogna

I wore you on my sleeve, but

Mother warned I’d outgrow clothes

Long after they’d outgrown me.

And here we are—


Dimly lit skies; dark horizons in the dead of night.

This road on which we stand and spar

Has grown us both, and now will starve

My dreams and every sleep will host its feast upon my feeble mind.


I memorized each crease

On concrete slabs that laid and now will play as

Steps that walk on me.

            And here we are—


I see the stars, and yet you focus on the black that lies between.

You once said my flaws were petty fragments;

Now those flaws are canyon-wide gaps between

Who I am, and who, by now, you thought I would have been.


Leave and I will stand here on the street

To watch you march along this sphere

Until you walk back into me.

And here I’ll stay.

Thetis and Odius

Kevin Connery

It was to the ocean’s edge that Achilles ran.

Sweat dripped from his brow, and from his eyes

Ran rivers, their streams unwavering.

Upon hearing the cries of her dear child,

Thetis appeared, her gentle voice asking,

“What ails you, my son?” 

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