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SCARBOROUGH FAIR is currently hosting a Flash Fiction and Poetry Contest open to all University of Toronto Students. The strongest pieces will be selected by a panel of judges and be published by Scarborough Fair.

The contest deadline is October 31st 2015 at 11:59 PM.     

CLICK HERE for complete submission details.


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Leaving for mars

Kevin Connery

by Xing Jun Ng

The lights are going out 

All over

the constellations melt

down into the darkness that came before

Starships flee this atmosphere

their vapour trails like umbilical cords

of infants crawling from a dying womb

Stillborn shuttles expire and

explode and still

candles lit at noon cannot hope

for their passing to be mourned

as sunset is mourned


From space, your cities are aglow

flushed with self-made radiance that proclaims

they are sufficient without the stars

that we are no longer creatures of dusk and slumber

of a time when carrying torches was romantic because we knew

they would go out


We would go out

alight with liquor and flames young as we were then

old as we are now

Ancient shells whose living occupants took off for something larger

leaving behind what they had outgrown

for the sea to reclaim


But the stars are not dead

nor shells alive

In strange eons, a necropolis will stand

its lamps flickering like charcoal sparks

its people a half-remembered dream


Wake, for the stars fall

We shall not see them lit again in our lifetime